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The meteorologists call it a "heat dome"... so we're under the dome... I'm blaming Stephen King. :-p

Actually, we're not quite under the dome here, but I must say... 26C (78.8F for you non-metric folks) is not normal for this part of the world. Add the humidity, and 26 feels like 35 (95F). I know, I know, to some of you, that's a doddle. And I hate to complain, but damn it, it's hard to breathe! And there's no AC at work. Nope. None at all. We have air exchangers. :-p My only hope will be that I'll have to go down the back of the store via the frozen foods section...

(Oh, that 26C? That's in the city, which is on the Bay of Fundy, which means cooler temps. I'm inland of that. I haven't dared to look at the thermometer since 8 AM, when it was 27C/80.6F.)

I've spent the afternoon here in the Chatroom, drinking water and trying not to move much (apart from the obvious trips to the loo... 's what happens when you drink that much water). I'm fairly comfortable at the moment, but I'm gonna have to get ready for work soon... and then actually go to work... and then I'm house-sitting all weekend. My brother's house is not as well set up for the heat as this one is. I have a feeling I'm going to have to sleep with the blind up so I can have the window open. :-p


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