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Whee! I finally got out into the garden, properly! Weeds were pulled, soil was cultivated, old growth cut down or pulled out... oh, it's lovely!

It looks like my hyacinths are spreading; I swear I didn't have that many last year, and they seem to be in different places. The smaller Jetfire daffodils I had last year are getting ready to bloom; they're smaller than the original ones I have, and they're fragrant, so I'm looking forward to that.

I appear to have a small squadron of peonies coming up. There's a little clump of red shoots or buds poking above the soil, with a few others scattered around the bed. And the daylilies or whatever they are around the old crab-apple stump seem to have spread, as well.

I have great hopes for the bluebells. Their little shoots look far sturdier than they have in past years. Could I actually see blossoms this year? I hope so! I may have managed to get the burdocks out from underneath the snowball bushes, but I'm not sure. I think I got the taproot out, but it came out awfully easily. I'll reserve judgement (and celebration) until later in the season.

The columbine are coming back, but it looks like I may have just the one plant this year. :-( I've got beebalm in that bed now, though, so that will help fill in the blanks.

As for the herb garden, I'm pleased to say the marjoram and thyme appear to have overwintered all right. The chives are already coming up well, despite the cats using the planter for a toilet. Wretched beasts. Anyone have any tips on keeping the cats out? The rubber snakes worked on Bean for a while, but apparently Digger is too dumb to be afraid of snakes, and Bean's learned from him.

On a final non-gardening note, I cast my ballot in the federal election today, during the advanced polls. Everyone else in the house was going, so I thought, hey, why not? It's not like I needed more time to decide who to vote for.


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