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Well, I missed the tulips by being away in England. When I got home, they were done--very done. They actually looked as if they didn't really bloom at all, had been struck down by some sort of blight. Maybe it was the slugs. Last week, I actually took up and divided the bulbs, replanting them in the torn-up area that until recently supported the forsythia. My mother took a dislike to the poor shrub and had it removed. On the bright side, I didn't have to dig a new bed to take the tulips; on the other hand, I was stuck trying to remove about 20 years' worth of forsythia roots from the ground. Ugh.

The Rosebush from Hell (TM) is blooming; I'm going to take my uncle's hedge trimmers to it in the fall, make it more manageable in size. Something's happened to my little rosebush, though; it looks as if there are only a couple of living branches on it now, only a few leaves. I'm not sure why it's like that.

I returned to find that the marjoram had taken over the herb garden. I had to remove great chunks of it in order to put in three tomato plants. Nice to know that I can grow herbs, though. I'm thinking about adding some mint at some point, but that could be dangerous. And if Mom takes out the hydrangea bush, which she's hinted at doing, I might fill the space with lavender. It'd be nice to have more room for lavender.

The lilies are coming along nicely, as are the coreopsis. The pansies and petunias in the planter boxes with the geraniums are doing well. One geranium is doing well, too. The other--not so much. No idea why. It's not even hinting that it's going to bloom.

The rhododendron is in full fluffy bloom, as are the snowball bushes, much to my surprise--the snowballs looked as if they'd got some sort of blight, as well, with the blossoms turning brown before they even opened. But they've proven me wrong, thankfully.

And underneath the snowballs, I found a lovely treat when I arrived home from England:


I didn't see any bluebells in England--they were all done--but I have English bluebells in my garden right now!
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I've been keeping an eye on things, naturally. Since I last posted, the daffodils and tulips have emerged more, though they're nowhere near blooming yet. However, in the last few days, the lawn has erupted with crocuses. I noticed three purple buds poking up above the grass a couple of days ago, which was remarkable on its own, because they didn't come up at all last year. (Maybe they're biennials?) This morning, I counted a dozen and a half purple, blue, yellow/white buds, and almost half of those had opened fully by the time I strolled down to get the mail around noon.

There are some interesting things coming up with the tulips, as well. I'm not entirely certain, but I think I'm seeing my dear old Glory of the Snows at the back of the bed, though the buds are so tightly furled as to look like hyacinths. And the bluebells are looking promising: more spears than I've seen before, bigger, too, despite the children tramping around the yard and setting up playhouses in their bed. I'm crossing my fingers and praying I get some actual blossoms this year.

The lilac is budding out--just leaves, I'm pretty certain. It's not been in place long enough for flowers, just four years; usually it takes five years for a lilac to really settle in and start blooming.

The Rosebush from Hell (TM) is still leafless, and the mere sight of it makes my pruning fingers itch. I'm determined to get that monster down to size this year! My wee Rosamundi bush isn't growing nearly as fast, which is both a blessing and a curse.

The chives survived the winter and are already poking lovely green spears above the mass of last year's dead growth. I mulched most of the herbs in the garden last year, in hopes that at least one variety would overwinter; none of the slips I took inside rooted, unfortunately, so we were without fresh herbs all winter. I think it's still a bit too early for most of them, though; even my lovely, hardy lavender is looking winter-weary and drab.

One success from last year: you may remember that I repotted one of my geraniums and brought it indoors to overwinter. I took two slips from it and tried to root them. One took nicely, while the other didn't, but the one that did is growing fast and sprouting all kinds of leaves. I half expect it to start blooming before I can get it planted outside!

I'm hoping that the weather on Friday, my next day off, will be fine; I'd love to get out there and tidy up the winter's damage.


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