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Yep, I have a playdate with my niece tomorrow. You see, she came over Friday night with a pair of paint-yourself plaster horses that her mother had bought her at Michaels. Unfortunately, Julieanne wanted to paint them right now, and as it was 8 PM and I had an early start on Saturday, it wasn't going to happen. This led to a KidFit ("I wanna paint NOW!") and then to the Ultimate Threat ("I run away!"). She did, too, right out the door, still clutching her horsies.

I plodded out after her, wearing the flip-flops slippers. She paused by my car, as if waiting for me, then when I got closer, she hollered, "I run away AGAIN!" and took off around the south end of the house. I continued plodding. Her uncle caught her on the other side of the house and then handed her to me. As I carried her inside, I said, "Look, how about Monday? That's just after the weekend. I'll even come over to your house, and we'll paint the horses."

Julieanne sniffled, then said, "OK."

And thus the playdate was set.

I wonder what I've let myself in for...
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Of all the things I'm going to do and see on my vacation, the one thing I think I'm most excited about is calling home when I first arrive. Why? Because I'm going to talk to my niece. From England. *grins* I can just hear her now...

"Where're you, Cat?!"

"In England... get Nanny to show you in the atlas..."



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